Analysis of Magazine Adverts


Shooting Schedule

After already conducting an inside session a couple of weeks back it was evident the shots taken were to dark and as a result here is my next shooting schedule:

Location: Deanecroft Road

Date: December 5th 2017

Who- Aron Howard, Leo Mcgrath, Charlie Elgin, Oliver Garrett

Time: 3pm -7pm

Requirements: Access to a room with a projector in it, garden –  dim lights

Equipment: Cannon 550D0 and a tripod.


Location: Abandoned Mansion Northwood

Date: January 12th

Who- Leo Mcgrath, Max Skerton

Time: 12am – 3pm

Requirements- Shots in the desecrated house

Equipment: Cannon 550D0 and a tripod and led light.

Prop List


In my video I haven’t really used many props, instead I just made sure I recorded several different locations with different lighting in order to give my video a more chill vibe. The picture above is my actor in front of a projector screen.


My music video will be about an artist dwelling and brooding about one’s problems, and how he perseveres due to someone else holding him up in his life, eventually he progresses upwards and only rises up towards fame, and as his life seemingly gets better towards the end of the music video, but that person that pushed him through his hard time eventually dies, thus leading him back to that dark place he tried so hard to escape. The whole point of this is to represent how hard life is and you can’t be happy for too long.  Which then teaches the audience to appreciate the small things, and not to take anything for granted.

Research summary

I have now completed all of my research tasks. Because of these opening tasks in my A2 media coursework I now have a clearer understanding of the course and what I am going to do for my music video.

The first research task that I completed was Analysis of Magazine Adverts, which essentially allowed me to see what kind of designs i would like to use for my own magazine advert. I liked the conceptual uniqueness of NME magazine’s who have bright characters that stand out boldly and keep to a certain colour scheme, making the advert vibrant which catches the eye, luring it’s target audience towards it.

Secondly, another milestone in terms of research that I overturned would’ve been Music and Genres, and this is due to the fact that I needed to see what music videos and genres would better suit my target audience. I went over several different kinds of artists and their music videos before I found which one was most appealing and then applied to to my music video.

Thirdly and lastly the last research task that I did was Research into labels and platforms, and the reason for this was because I didn’t actually know which record label represented the artist’s song that i am using was. After going into detail and learning about how his label has worked with other artists and the kind of vibe that they tend to go with, i was able to adjust my music video accordingly. This also allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the music industry and therefore construct magazine adverts, digipaks and other useful accessories to go with my music video.